How to Repair Windows XP without CD?

How to repair Windows XP safely and keep all my settings, programs, drivers, etc?

If you are not a computer expert or don’t want to lose all you programs, settings or even data and them waste days of your life on the routine installation procedures, you should to use the following Windows XP repair solutions:

(Only REAL working solutions, no useless “registry cleaners”!)

  • Download Windows XP Repair Tool0xc0000005 solution: Reimage Download
  • This is my favorite tool because it has never failed me so far and fixed almost 100% of Windows XP errors I had.
  • This tool automatically repairs a wide range of computer problems, such as blue screen errors, crahses, freezes, system file and registry damage, malware and other troubles.
  • And, which is critically important at the moment for me, with this tool, I don't even have to updgrade to Windows 10! This means that all the information on my computer will remain private!
  • This is the only tool that not just removes a virus or a trojan but also repairs the damage alreasy done to the system by a virus (no antivirus can do that!).
  • It is widely used by PC technicians to fix Windows errors.
  • Install Reimage and launch it.
  • Let the program scan your computer and repair the errors it finds.

What makes Reimage beat all other Windows XP repair tools is the new, patented approach to fixing the system. In most simple words, it is like reinstalling the system and preserving all your files, setting, programs, drivers, updates etc, which have never been possible before!

  • Reimage is widely used by PC technicians! So why pay them if you can do the same on your own?
  • It completely eliminates the need for reinstalling Windows XP.
  • You get a fresh Windows XP installation without reinstalling Windows.
  • It preserves all your files, setting, programs, drivers, updates etc as they were on your system.
  • This is an automated repair that does not require computer knowledge.
  • It works on the whole system repairing all Windows XP problems and not just a specific range of problems, like registry troubles, faulty drivers, malware or other troubles (see the table below).
  • It repairs and replaces only the files that need to be repaired or replaced, adds only those files that are missing from your system and removes only those files that need to be removed (like malware) with the help of a full database of replacement files (as the name of the program implies).
  • This is the only tool that fixes the damage already done to the system, even by malware applications!
  • You don’t need to have Windows XP CD
  • All the changes are reversible.

Reimage is recommended to always be installed on your computer as a first-aid Windows XP repair tool.

Reimage Comparison Table

Are there any other ways to repair Windows XP?

How to Repair Windows XP? And even if you have the CD - without reinstalling it, losing data and spending a few more days installing all the drivers and programs again and adjusting all the settings?

If you’ve been using your system for over 1 year this question may become really urgent. Windows loses stability over time and you can’t help it. But closing your eyes on every new error or crash may result in total system disability or even worse - data loss. Take steps to repair Windows XP how, even without CD. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Alternatively, you could use the System Repair function (also known as “Repair Install”). However, there are several problems associated with the System Repair function:

  • Many Windows XP users simply DON’T have Windows XP setup CD because the system was preinstalled on their computers when they purchased them. The Microsoft Support will suggest making the CD for you and sending it to you for around $35. However, all you settings, drivers, updates and installations may be lost. And you’ll have to wait to the disk to arrive.
  • Using it will remove any updates and service packs you have previously installed if they are not included on the Windows XP setup CD. All the updates and service packs must be applied BEFORE you connect to the Internet after Repair Install.
  • Repair Install is not foolproof. That is why Using System Repair function requires advanced computer skills. Making a single mistake or pressing a wrong key may result in Clean Install and losing of all your programs and settings, the contents of the Documents and Settings folder will also be deleted.
  • You’ll have to backup all important data, just in case something goes wrong in the course of repair install.

Whenever Windows XP loses stability and begins to give you error messages, crashes, freezes and you don’t know what’s the cause of the problem, the first idea is to repair Windows XP by reinstalling it. However, even if you have the installation CD reinstalling Windows XP is inevitably associated with the loss of data, all personal settings and profiles, installing and adjusting all the drivers, programs and tools again and adjusting all the settings and the Internet connection.

We hope with this information answers the question How to Repair Windows XP and you’ll never have to reinstall Windows XP again!