STOP 0x0000001E| How to Resolve 0x0000001E

A typical STOP 0x0000001e (also called bugcheck 0x0000001e, 0x1E) error message looks like this:

STOP: 0x0000001E (0x80000002, 0xBFC0504, 0x0000000, 0x0000002)

As a rule, you get the STOP: 0x0000001E error during Windows setup, or immediately after that.

Case 1: Insufficient Disk Space

STOP 0x0000001E may occur when there is not enough space on the disk where you install Windows. Clear up some disk space (if you know how) or reinstall Windows on a disk with sufficient disk space.

Case 2: Virus

If your have a virus or other malware on your computer, the 0x0000001E error may occur when the system stopped execution of malicious code. Install the latest version of an antivirus program and scan your system now. It is critically important to regularly scan your system for viruses and other malware!

Case 3: Incompatible BIOS

If you have enough disk space and none of the drivers are listed on the blue screen, try upgrading your system BIOS. If you don't know how to upgrade BIOS, contact you motherboard or computer manufacturer.

Case 4: Corrupt Registry

The 0x0000001E error is often caused by corrupt registry. Invalid registry entries accumulate when you install and delete programs, especially when you install new programs over old ones that were not deleted as required.

To fix 0x0000001E error you have to check all the registry entries and repair the register manually, but this procedure is long and exhausting. If you are not a computer expert checking your registry manually may take a few days. In addition, you may damage or delete important registry entries and disable your system. That is why if you are not a PC guru you should use specialized software to repair your registry.

Case 5: Driver Issue

An outdated or incompatible 3rd party driver may cause the STOP 0x0000001E error. As a rule, in such occurrences the driver name is mentioned in the error message. Try to disable or remove that driver. If that helps, contact the manufacturer or visit the manufacturer's website to get the latest version of the driver. Inform the manufacturer about the incompatibility / driver error if STOP 0x0000001E appeared with the latest drivers.

We hope the steps above helped you resolve STOP 0x0000001E.

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