Registry Errors

The most common computer troubles, such as crashes, problems when opening applications, long startups and shutdowns, slow performance and error messages are in most cases caused by registry errors. If you notice that your compuer behaves irregularly, it’s time to tidy up your registry in the first place. by registry errors.

What is Registry?

The registry is the database that contains all the information about software, hardware, user profiles ans system settings on your computer. Every time when you install or remove a program, change the program’s settings or system configuration, new information is added to the registry new entries or keys are added to the registry.

What Causes Registry Errors?

Ideally, when you delete a program you no longer use or close a program, all the corresponding entries and keys are removed from the registry. But sometimes the obsolete entries remain and keys leave gaps or registry holes. There registry holes and invalid entries pile up as you comtinue to use your computer. As a result, the size of your registry becomes inadequately large, the registry becomes corrupted and fragmented. All that causes the irregularities we mentioned above.

How to Remove Registry Errors?

If you are a computer expert, you can clean the registry manually, though that will take much of your time and efforts. However, by reparing your registry manually you can damage important entries and keys and disable you system. This method is recommended only if you really know how to edit the regitry manually.

The best, most reliable and safe way is to use a registry cleaner which will scan the registry, detect all the currupt entries and repair them all automatically or selectively at your request. It will also backup your registry prior to cleaning it.

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